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October 18 & 19, 2019
$99 Breast Thermogram Event & Open House

Event Hours:
Friday, October 18th: 9 am to 6 pm
Saturday, October 19th: 9 am to 2 pm

Are you new to thermography? Looking to transfer here from another facility? Wanting a no-contact & radiation-free breast screening? Just looking to save money? Take advantage of our LOWEST RATE EVER! We’re offering $99 breast scans to new clients on October 18th & 19th, 2019. No appointment required – Walk-ins ONLY! Appointments take only 10-15 minutes! Not ready for a thermogram, but want to come see what its all about? Feel free to stop in and talk to one of our staff members!

Learn more about breast thermograms on our breast thermography page

How the event works:
Walk-in appointments only, no pre-event reservations will be allowed. If more than 2 people are present, the first available time slot will be scheduled for you upon arrival. You will be allowed to leave our office and return for your appointment time, if desired. If you are late or miss your appointment time, you will be moved to the back of the list. For those who choose to wait in our office, we have plenty for you to do! Including health activities/education, raffle entries, and snacks! Appointments take just 10-15 minutes. You will be allowed to view your images immediately following your scan, though all images will get sent to our physicians for interpretation. A formal report written by the physician will be sent to you in 2 to 3 business days. No half or full body scans will be performed on these dates. 

Who is eligible?
There aren’t many rules, but please take note of these! 
-You must be at least 3-months post: pregnancy, nursing, major breast surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation 
-You must be at least 1 month post: breast biopsy or minor breast surgery, such as mole removal
-Ideal for women over the age of 25

$99 for all NEW clients
$129 for return clients

Before the Event:
Save time by filling out your paperwork beforehand! Download the forms here.
Scroll down to view “preparing for your breast scan” and “what to expect” sections.

Please e-mail us at Please do not call the clinic asking to reserve an appointment, this event is by walk-in only. A few days prior to the event, we will post a poll on our facebook page asking individuals to help others plan their time by sharing what time you anticipate arriving to the event. Last year our “least busy” hours were between 3-5 pm, though this year may be different. We encourage you to follow our event page on Facebook for live updates! 

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Return clients are welcome, but will be charged $129

Preparing for your Breast Scan

  • For 24 hours prior to your scan – avoid heavy exercise, acupuncture, massage, sauna or steam rooms.
  • For 2 hours prior to your scan – avoid exercise and hot or cold showering. Do not use skin creams or lotion in the areas to be imaged. Avoid sun exposure the day of the test. For best result, you should not have had a sun burn or have used a tanning booth within a week of your test.
  • Please wear loose fitting clothing the day of your scan. Your scan will be delayed until irritation marks from tight fitting clothing have dissipated.
  • No changes in diet or medication are necessary

Note: you must wait 3 months after pregnancy, nursing, major breast surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation before having a breast scan, and at least 1 month after a biopsy or minor surgery, such as mole removal, for results to be accurate.


What to Expect

Your appointment will last approximately 30 minutes. You will be asked to remove all upper body clothing and jewelry. We will supply you with a lightweight cover to wear for privacy while you acclimate to the room’s temperature. Prior to your scan, we will review your intake form with you. Please be sure to inform us of any recent skin lesions that may affect your results. Thermal images of the head and neck will then be taken. Following your scan, we will review your images with you and answer any questions you may have. Your scans will be sent to a physician for interpretation. Reports are normally back within 48 hours and will be securely e-mailed to you (unless alternate method requested).

You are welcome to bring a companion or partner to be present during your examination and image review.

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